Project RED Friday is dedicated to helping those who have served our country. Here are some of the things that your donations are used for;


New Soldier Kits; Bible, Life Book, Challenge Coin and a letter of encouragement for the soldier while their in basic training. We hand deliver these to the soldiers leaving and get to spend time encouraging them as they start their journey.


Please note "NS KIT" as a memo.


Care Packages; Disposable Razors, Shaving Cream, Q Tips, Deodorant, Foot Powder, Shampoo, Bar Soap, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Lip Balm, Socks, Wet Wipes and usually a few other items when we can get them.


Please note "CP" as a memo.


New Soldier Kit & Care Package; Sponsor a New Soldier Kit and a Care Package.

Sponsor a New Soldier Kit and a Care Package today and you will get a 2 Project RED Friday t shirts, as our way of saying thank you.


Please note "NS KIT & CP" as a memo and 2 shirt sizes, on your donation.


Mobile Care Package Program/Community Outreach Partner; PRF will be going into the school in our local area for 2018. Our goal is to reach 3,000 Students and 3,000 Armed Forces Members. Would you consider helping Project RED Friday with this, with your time or your resources. You can donate now to help us.

Level 1....$250.00 / Level 2....$500.00 / Level 3....$1,000.00

Note your donation as "C.O.P."


General Donations; if you just feel like helping us out, there are always other expenses we need to cover.

Note your donation as "General" and help us today. 


All donations are tax deductible, and will go directly to helping our Armed Forces. Please consider donating today.